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Charles Lumpkin is the Founder of “A Committee for Love, Peace, Humanity, Divine” (CL-PHD) and the Director of the “S.U.N. CHASER PROJECT,” which integrates Solar, Underwater, and Nonviolence Education.

He is presently employed as a Special Projects Consultant for the School Dist. of Philadelphia’s Health and Physical Education Dept. He has been teaching Physical Education, Aquatics, Human Relations, and Health Education for nearly three decades. He was an Assistant Professor of Physical Education at Temple University. He has taught SCUBA diving, and he has taught aquatic skills to approximately 10,000 individuals.

Charles Lumpkin’s focus has been on Pathways to Peace—conflict resolution, using Gandhi’s and King’s Principles of Nonviolence and spiritual awareness, which link with the peaceful environment of Underwater Education. He has taken hundreds of students and adults to the United Nations for Conferences on Nonviolence to teach them how to “talk things out and not fight things out.”

He uses community SCUBA groups to teach teamwork to students through the buddy system. Turner M.S., in Philadelphia, landmark conference, “Humans and the Sea—Past, Present, and Future,” brought together university researchers, professional SCUBA organizations, staff and students.

Mr. Lumpkin is proud that he help to organize a “Fellowship of Christian Athletes Chapter” in Philadelphia, one of the first such chapters awarded to a public middle school. The students learned courage, patience, teamwork, swimming, snorkeling, and SCUBA skills. These skills were incorporated into an innovative program called SCUBA—“Super Cool Undersea Bible Adventure.”

He was one of Turner’s Robotics Team advisors involved in building underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Solar Cars. He then teaches those students swimming skills. The team is called “Turner Nuclear Terminators,” which is dedicated to Ted Turner and Michael Gorbechev whom Mr. Lumpkin met at the UN.

Charles Lumpkin received an M.S. degree in Physical Education from Temple University in 1977 and a B.S. degree in Physical Education from South Carolina State University in 1973.

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